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EURECA-PRO: Summer School on Innovation & Entrepreneurship @ TUC

The Technical University of Crete (TUC) opened its doors on September 19, 2022 to welcome 20 international students from seven universities of the EURECA-PRO alliance, participating in the EURECA-PRO Summer School on Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E). Students attend a comprehensive program on Innovation & Entrepreneurship that includes workshops and lectures, cultural and educational activities and an open event. Professors and academic staff of the EURECA-PRO institutions contribute in presence or virtual form with their lectures and workshops.

The main purpose of the EURECA-PRO Summer School on Innovation & Entrepreneurship is to nurture students in creative and innovative thinking by providing practical knowledge, skills and competences in business and market basics, offering business plan orientation, and promoting problem-solution thinking and leadership skills. Participants receive input on the main cross-institutional research areas "Lighthouse Missions", jointly defined by the EURECA-PRO universities and aligned with the Green Deal objectives. The participants work out on real life challenges by developing business ideas in small international, interdisciplinary groups.

On Wednesday 21, 2022, during the open event of the Summer School, four distinguished speakers with national and international experience shared their thoughts and experiences on the transition from research to entrepreneurship and start-up development. The students will apply the gained knowledge in the development of business ideas aligned with the Green Deal objectives of EU and the Sustainable Development Goal 12 on Responsible Consumption and Production.

The EURECA-PRO Summer School on Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) is an instance of the Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programs (BIP). It officially started on August 29, 2022 with online training and self-study and will conclude on October 31, 2022 with the group reports. The physical presence part is hosted at TUC campus since September 19, 2022 and ends a week later on September 26, 2022 with a joint event involving the students of the Summer School and the students of the EURECA-PRO Student Co-Creation Group (SCCG). The EURECA-PRO Summer School on Innovation & Entrepreneurship lasts for a total of two months and awards 3 ECTS.

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