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“ASTRAPI” is the winner of the «Seeding Ideas Harvesting the Future» TUC Innovation Contest

Six teams, with the most innovative ideas submitted to the «Seeding Ideas Harvesting the Future» TUC Innovation Contest,  where invited to present their proposal during the start up pitching session of the internationl event "Innovation & Entreprneurship at TUC 2016", which was organized by the Technical Universtiy of Crete, in July 1st in Chania, Crete.

The winning idea of the contest was:
ASTRAPI: Scatter Radio-Based, Zero-Power, Batteryless, Wireless Sensor Networks for Monitoring of Environmental Microclimate, Plant Interactions and Ambient Living 

ASTRAPI offers ultra-low cost, digital wireless sensors of environmental humidity, soil moisture, temperature and luminosity, without battery and power consumption two orders of magnitude below state-of-the-art and based on backscatter radio and intelligent signal processing. ASTRAPI targets at better quality and water savings agriculture, with ultra-low cost per wireless sensor.

The members of the team are: Bletsas Aggelos, Alevizos Panagiotis, Daskalakis Spyridon-Nektarios, Tountas Konstantinos, Vougioukas George. 

The Prize was awarded by Mrs. Irit Ben-Abba,  Ambassador of Israel to Greece. All team members win a trip to Israel in order to get acquainted with the success model of Israel innovation technology.

Five more ideas where elected by the contest commitee: 

Development of an innovative, high-end instrument for screening brain pathologic conditions Rossos Christos, Tsapras Athanasios, Papathanasiou Athanasios, Kastrinakis Marios, Balas Costas 

CareAware: A croudsource environmental citizen’s synergy 
Tripolitsiotis Achilles, Antonopoulos Aggelos, Kyritsis Sarantis, Chanialakis Theofilos, Bikos Eystathios 

Eco-Motivate, make your workspace sustainable  
Karagianni Anna, Bakker Nikos, Rogan Yiannis

Internet of Drones (IoD): A traffic control system for Aerial Platforms 
Tripolitsiotis Achilles, Kyritsis Sarantis, Bikos Eystathios , Chanialakis Theofilos,  Antonopoulos Aggelos,

Telemetry System for Water Distribution Networks 
Papadimitriou Aggelos, Markolefas Filippos, Rousalis Apostolos

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