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Second place for TUC graduate at the SPE Student Paper Contest 

Chrysoula Tallarou, TUC graduate and Mineral Resources Engineer, won the second place at the  Bachelor’s Division of the 2021 SPE Europe Regional Paper Contest for her paper entitled "Effect of the Asphaltene precipitation and deposition on the relative permeability curves of Berea Sandstone". 

The paper was part of her thesis: ‘’Laboratory measurement of the effect of wettability of a porous rock on the water and oil relative permeability curves on reservoir rocks’’. The study took place at the Laboratory of PVT and Core Analysis of the Technical University of Crete, with Professors Nikolaos Varotsis and Andreas Giotis as supervisors of the Diploma Thesis. 

The objective of the paper, was the determination of wettability of a Berea sandstone core and the effect that it bears on the relative permeability curves of the oil-water system of fluids. Wettability alteration from water-wet to oil-wet, was achieved by flooding the samples with oils rich in asphaltenes. The study led to a range of conclusions, including the effectiveness of the Amott method in determining wettability and the obvious differences in the relative water/oil permeability curves between the two different types of wetting.

Chrysoula graduated with the highest score in her undergraduate class. Five Awards of Excellence were presented to her, one for each year of her studies at the Technical University of Crete.

The 2021 SPE Europe Regional Student Paper Contest was conducted virtually via the ZOOM platform during May 11-12, 2021. 

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