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Elia Psillakis αppointed Editor-in-Chief of the new Journal of Elsevier and Specialty Chief Editor in Frontiers

Prof. Elia Psillakis

Elia Psillakis is the Editor-in-Chief of the new gold open access Journal Advances in Sample Preparation published by Elsevier. The creation of this new Journal echoes the exceptional growth and achievements of sample preparation. The new Journal will be devoted to publishing original high-quality research, reviews, opinions and tutorials dealing with all aspects of sample preparation. The Journal welcomes the submission of original manuscripts on all fundamental and applied aspects of sample preparation such as new extraction principles, new materials, new extraction techniques or technologies, fundamentals related to operational understanding and optimization, miniaturization, automation, hyphenation, chemometrics, green sample preparation, and impactful applications in e.g. environmental, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, bioanalysis and biomedical. Advances in Sample Preparation  will be the pivotal venue for sample preparation experts and the crossroad for scientists from different disciplines. The Journal is strongly committed to the landmark 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To benefit the society and the environment, all published articles will be consistent with green analytical chemistry principles and propose sustainable practices. The team of editors consists of highly recognized scientists: Dr Frank David (Research Institute for Chromatography, Belgium), Prof. Rafael Lucena Rodríguez (University of Córdoba, Spain), Prof. Gangfeng Ouyang (Sun Yat-Sen University, China) and Stig Pedersen-Bjergaard (University of Oslo, Norway).

Elia Psillakis also became the Specialty Chief Editor of the Environmental Analysis section of Frontiers in Analytical Chemistry, by Frontiers. The specialty section is devoted to publishing high quality fundamental and applied research across the field of environmental analysis. It will promote rigorous scholarship on environmental analysis topics related to current and emerging environmental problems, and is a pivotal venue for a diverse audience of scientists, policy makers and the broad environmental community. The section welcomes the submission of impactful research on all fundamental, applied and technological aspects of the analysis of environmental pollutants and their degradation by-products present in different environmental compartments (air, water, soil and sediments) and biota. Pollutants studied may be of anthropogenic or natural origin, and may include persistent organic pollutants, endocrine disruptors, new and emerging pollutants (including microplastics), particulate, inorganics and radionuclides. Contributions describing new technologies for on-site analysis of environmental pollutants are welcome, next to novel miniaturized or automated laboratory analytical solutions. Proposed analytical methods should be consistent with green analytical chemistry principles, practiced sustainably and for the benefit of the society and the environment. The editorial team consists of ten highly recognized scientists from different sub-fields of Environmental Analysis.

Let us note that Elia Psillakis holds the position of Editor in the Journal of Separation Science Wiley, and is a member in the Editorial Advisory Boards of another seven international scientific Journals.


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