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EURECA-PRO Online Lecture Series IV | Lecture 4 | 08.12.2022, 12:00 EET

The European University on Responsible Consumption and Production, organizes the fourth free online lecture series, consisting of a series of 14 lectures presented by leading professors and researchers of nine European universities from eight countries. The lectures of this series focus on the topic of Responsible Consumption are intended to provide an introduction and initial overview of the multi-faceted nature of responsible consumption, illustrated by the following thematic areas: Sustainable Development Goals, European Union and Culture, Responsible Mining Approach, Circular Economy, Sustainability and Energy Technologies, Key role of materials in responsible production.

The 4th lecture of the series is titled

Digital Fabrication and Creative Re-use:
Creating a new mentality for the future EU citizens

and will be delivered by

Prof. Konstantinos-Alketas Oungrinis, PhD
Technical University of Crete, Greece

on the following date/time

December 8, 2022 | 12:00 EET (11:00 CET)

To register for and attend the lecture series, please visit this page.


The lecture will present a bottom-up approach to promote an active upcycling mentality of the new generation. Young children are empowered to become creative future citizens who can act by replacing the "identity" of everyday consumed objects with new opportunities. Various case studies on digital fabrication, design thinking and circular economy will be presented, illustrating the flexibility to facilitate diverse projects and its potential to achieve a paradigm shift in this field. Prof. Konstantinos-Alketas Oungrinis' research aims to augment the connection and experience of people within the built environment through interdisciplinary methods, between architecture, psychology, neuroscience, interactive media, robotics, and computer science.

Short Bio

Prof. Konstantinos-Alketas Oungrinis' education and appointments: Architect-Engineer, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) (1994); PhD in Architectural Studies and Building Technology, AUTh (2009); Visiting Research Associate, Harvard GSD (2004-2006), he has collaborated with researchers from the Harvard FAS, MIT Media Lab και MIT CSAIL; Adjunct Professor, Department of Architecture, AUTh (2006-2009); Adjunct Professor, Department of Architecture, Technical University of Crete (2008-2011); Assistant, Associate, Full Professor, School of Architecture, TUC (2012 – today); Director of the Transformable and Intelligent Environments Laboratory (TIE Lab), School of Architecture, TUC (2011 – today). His work on dynamic, human-centered architecture involves research on kinetic structures, smart materials and responsive control systems for the creation of intelligent environments that can respond actively with 'sense' to the needs and wishes of people. His research specializes in transformable environments, activity-based design methods, time-space relationships, user-experience design, educational environments and spaces within extreme environmental conditions. He has developed two specific approaches for the successful implementations of IT in design titled Spatial Economy and Sensponsive Architecture. His work has been presented and published extensively through international conferences and also through design and fabrication workshops. His thematic areas of study are interdisciplinary, rooted in the field of architecture and from there on branching out mainly into the domains of psychology, neuroscience, electrical engineering and computer science. He is the author of two books: 1)Transformations: Paradigms for Designing Transformable Spaces (2006) Harvard GSD Design and Technologies Report Series, Cambridge, MA and 2) Transformable Architecture: Movement, Adaptation, Flexibility (2011) ION Publishers, Athens. He also writes sci-fi novels. During 1995-2012 he worked in a large number of architectural design and construction projects in Greece and abroad. In 2008 he received the Europe 40 under 40 Architecture Award. Currently he holds a consultant’ s position at the 124|SKG Architects research and design office.

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