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The main mission of this Office is to assist and support students in handling effectively any problems that might arise during the period of their studies. The usual problems – difficulties that students may have to face are:

  • - Integration in higher education;
  • - Difficulties with their families, friends and partners;
  • - Loneliness and anxiety;
  • - Poor performance, learning difficulties;
  • - Reinstatement problems of drop-out students, etc.

The Counselling & Psychological Support Office is here to help students cope with these problems either through individual and group counselling or via the internet.

Students who choose individual counselling are given the opportunity, through individual meetings, to get to know and understand themselves, to develop their skills, to improve their interpersonal relations and generally, to get help on making the right decisions on matters in which they are interested and which concern them.   

On the other hand, group counselling exploits the dynamics of a group to help the members of the group express their concerns, share them with the rest of the group and benefit from their support; at the same time, the members of a group develop social and interpersonal skills and the feeling of how important it is to belong to an academic community.

Discussion topics for these groups usually include:

  • - interpersonal relations and the relation of the two sexes
  • - communication
  • - stress and ways to cope with it
  • - assertiveness etc.

Online counselling is also available through this website, where basic information and advice is offered to any visitor of the university community.

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