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Special Research Fund Account

Special Research Fund Account

The Special Research Fund Account of the Technical University of Crete was established in 1987. 

Legal framework

  • Joint Ministerial Decision no KA 679/96 on the “Establishment of Special Accounts for funding Research Projects and similar services rendered at Greek Universities”.
  • Law 3027/2002
  • TUC Regulation
  • Handbook on Research Funding and Programme Management Regulations (Senate decision no. 124/1-2-2002 and 181/28-5-2004). 


To allocate and manage funds from different sources that are designed to cover the needs of:

  • Research, Educational, Training and Development Projects
  • Continuing training projects
  • Projects connected with scientific and technological services, special studies, measurements for laboratory examinations and analyses, and providing expert opinions
  • Activities that contribute to linking education and research to production 

Administration & Management bodies

The Special Research Fund Account comprises 

  • a Research Committee, consisting of Teaching & Research Staff and
  • a Research Committee Secretariat 


The Special Research Fund Account is structured as follows: 

Administrative Service

a. Operation, Archive & Personnel Department
b. Computerization Department
c. Legal Support & Proposal Preparation Department 

Financial Service

a. Accounting, Cash & Provisions  Department
b. Pay  Department
c. Community Support Framework Programmes  Department 

Services offered by the Secretariat

  • Financial and Administrative Management of Projects
  • Administrative and legal aid to Scientific Project Coordinators
  • Technical support during the submission of technical sheets and regular reports to the providers of funds
  • Update on forthcoming calls for tenders 


  • Grants through the regular budget
  • Funding through the public investment budget
  • Funding from public and private enterprises
  • Revenues from rendering services, from the commercial exploitation of know-how and products resulting from funded projects
  • Revenues from assets
  • Loans
  • Revenues from deductions on projects 

Allocation of funds

The Special Research Fund Account, in cooperation with the Rector, the Vice-Rectors and the Senate members, allocates funds to the University on an annual basis for:

  • The purchase of scientific equipment and the development of laboratorial infrastructure;
  • The development of the Networks Centre and the Information Systems Centre;
  • Student support schemes;
  • The funding of basic research;
  • Postgraduate Students Scholarships;
  • Support of Undergraduate Students;
  • Pay of employees
  • The financial support of all student cultural groups and the organization of cultural events;
  • The participation of faculty members in conferences and scientific programmes.


  • To encourage excellence in research.
  • To reward high achievements.
  • To boost the University’s critical mass of scientific personnel.
  • To provide a favourable environment for innovation. 



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