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Mallios Panagiotis

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Full Name:Mallios Panagiotis
Category:Temporary Staff or Research Staff (Staff/Research)
Academic Department:PEM (School of Production Engineering and Management )
Administration Department:EURECA-PRO European University
Location:Office: Δ5.016, DPEM Building (Δ5), Ground Floor


Dr Panagiotis Mallios (MA, MBA, PhD) has participated in various research disciplines so far in his career, such as survey on Municipal Elections 2006 in Rethymno and city’s problems, research for the measurement of job satisfaction in NEUROPUBLIC SA (2015), needs analysis research for the development of the new Greek research infrastructure for social data (SoDaNet) in cooperation with NCSR (National Centre for Social Research) (2015), research project on Decision Support System applications (2021-22), research project on social media impact on startup entrepreneurial intention (IKY scholarship/2022-23) and research project on the absorption rate of TUC graduates in the labor market (TUC career services office, 2022-23).
He is currently working at the Technical University of Crete as a research associate of the European programme EURECA-PRO (European University on Responsible Consumption and Production).

Selected publications

-Mallios, P., Matsatsinis, N. (2023). Decision Support System Applications (1980-2022): Classification and Statistical Analysis. International Journal of Decision Support Systems (accepted)

-Mallios, P., Moustakis, V. (2023). Social Media Impact on Startup Entrepreneurial Intention. Evidence from Greece. Paper presented at the 17th International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ICSEI), Barcelona *Best presentation award*

-Mallios, P., Zampetakis, L., & Moustakis, V. (2023). Social Media Impact on Entrepreneurship Intention: Lessons Learned from Business Startuppers. Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship: Vol. 32: No. 2, Article 2

-Mallios, P., Matsatsinis, N. (2021). Decision Support System Applications (1980-2020). Classification and statistical analysis.  Paper presented at the 31st European Conference on Operational Research (EURO 2021, Athens)

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