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Information and Communications Infrastructure

The ICT Directorate plans, installs, maintains and operates its infrastructure based on a cutting edge technology. Its fundamental components are briefly described:

Passive network infrastructure

The communications network is based on fibre-optic facilities and structured cabling. The fiber optics cabling has 19 Km overall length, while the total number of UTP sockets is approximately 5,000.

Active network components

The Directorate monitors and operates 70 Gigabit Ethernet switches for end -user access. Altogether there are 2,500 switch ports, serving around 2,000 PCs. Intermediate aggregation nodes are being served by Marconi ESR-5000 and Extreme Summit X450 switches, while network traffic is being routed by a Cisco 7603 border router. In addition, over 50 wireless Access Points are located around the campus, offering wireless access both inside buildings and outdoors.

Servers for main services

Server infrastructure that operates main IT and networking services is mainly comprised by SUN, Dell, HP and IBM servers.

Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs)

TUC owns 6 Tadiran Flexicom PBXs serving approximately 700 connections. PBXs have 6 PRI connections, each consisted of 30 circuits.  An additional PBX installation till the end of 2008 will offer a capacity of over 1000 connections.

Collocation and server hosting facilities

A new Data Center is being constructed, expected to operate in January 2009.

Auxiliary equipment

The Directorate owns supplementary instruments and high-tech devices:

  • Fusion splicing equipment - ribbon Fujikura SpliceMate FSM11R.
  • Cable tester for UTP and fiber cabling - Agilent Wirescope Pro.
  • Spectrum Analyzer 10KHz-7GHz.
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