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"EURECA-PRO, a key player for SDG 12" Seminar in Brussels | 12.06.2024

The European University on Responsible Consumption and Production (EURECA-PRO), in collaboration with European partners, is deeply committed to advancing education, research, innovation, and science with and for citizens at both the European and global levels in the field of Responsible Consumption and Production, aligned with the United Nations SDG 12 targets.

EURECA-PRO is pleased to invite you to the Seminar "The European University EURECA-PRO, a key player for SDG 12" that presents a unique opportunity to bolster interdisciplinary dialogue between EURECA-PRO stakeholders and representatives from European and international institutions, as well as the structuring of ecosystems in the fields of research, innovation, and education. Key topics to be discussed include:

  1. The management of natural resources and circular economy
  2. Skills necessary for operating a just transition

Highlights of the programme include keynote speeches from the UNIDO Representative to the European Union and the Joint Research Centre (JRC), along with two roundtable discussions featuring representatives from the EC Directorate-General GROW and DG EAC.

The Technical University of Crete (TUC), as a partner of EURECA-PRO, participates in the Seminar with a delegation of three faculty members: Professor Emeritus Evan Diamadopoulos, Assistant Professor Emmanuel Varouchakis, and Assistant Professor Andreas Giotis.

Full Programme, Speakers' Profiles and Registration: https://www.eurecapro.eu/eureca-pro-a-key-player-for-the-sdg-12/

Date and Time: 12th June 2024, 9:00-14:00 CET (Brussels times)

Location: Maison Irène et Frédéric Joliot-Curie, 100 rue du Trone, Brussels or Online

Registration deadline: 12th June 2024, before start (for online participation)

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