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EURECA-PRO Invited Lecture on "Noise-Controlling Casings" by Prof. S. Wrona

The Technical University of Crete (TUC), proud member of the European University on Responsible Consumption and Production (EURECA-PRO), organizes a series of open scientific lectures in the context of faculty exchange visits between partner universities. The 1st lecture of this series is titled

"Noise-Controlling Casings"

and will be delivered by

Prof. Stanisław Wrona
Silesian University of Technology (SUT), Gliwice, Poland

on the following date/time

Wednesday May 3, 2023 | 13:30 EET (12:30 CET)

and can be attended either physically or virtually

Lecture Hall K2.A1 "Panagiotis Manolopoulos" @ TUC Campus

The lecture is open to all interested members of TUC and EURECA-PRO.


Due to technological development, noise and vibration are ubiquitous in the human environment and belong to the most significant threats to man's wellbeing. The purpose of the seminar is to present a range of feasible noise-controlling strategies for different kinds of devices generating excessive noise. Depending on the required performance and the availability of energy sources, three solution categories are presented: passive (no external energy is needed, but performance is limited), semi-active (little energy is needed, but performance achieves higher values) and active (best performance, but an external energy source is needed). Two very important benefits of these proposed solutions are global noise reduction (in an entire enclosure or the surrounding space) and compact technology (contrary to other active noise control solutions requiring a large number of secondary sources and distributed sensors). Many of the solutions presented are original approaches. The proposed ideas can be applied to any devices provided they have casings of thin walls or they can be enclosed by casings of thin walls. Applications include industrial devices, household appliances, vehicle or aircraft cabins and more. This seminar is intended for researchers and students in the fields of acoustics, vibration, signal processing, control, mechanical engineering.

Short Bio

Professor Stanisław Wrona received his PhD and DSc, both in Automation, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, from the Silesian University of Technology (SUT), Poland, in 2016 and 2022, respectively. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Measurements and Control Systems, SUT. The last ten years of his scientific career have been devoted to noise reduction methods. His main interest lies in adaptive control, signal processing and mathematical modelling. He has published more than 50 international refereed journals and conference papers and has translated his research into several industrial R&D projects and patents. He is a Member of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV) since 2013 and an Assistant Editor in the International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration (IJAV) since 2019. In 2022, Prof. Wrona together with Prof. M. Pawelczyk published a monograph entitled "Noise-Controlling Casings" in the CRC Press publishing house, summarizing the results obtained so far in the field of active noise reduction of devices. The developed methods became also a basis for an ongoing MSCA Doctoral Network project under the Horizon Europe programme. Project "Active reduction of noise transmitted into and from enclosures through encapsulated structures", No. 101073037, started on October 1, 2022 and is carried out by a broad international consortium led by Prof. M. Pawelczyk and Prof. S. Wrona (as Deputy Coordinator).

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