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New International Collaboration for the TUC Research Group Co.Mec.O

Research groups (locations) currently active in the Soundscape Attributes translation Project (SATP)

Postdoctoral researcher Nikolaos M. Papadakis and Professor Georgios E. Stavroulakis from the Institute of Computational Engineering and Optimization (Co.Mec.O) and the School of Production and Management Engineering of the Technical University of Crete, participate in the Soundscape Attributes Translation Project (SATP) which is an international collaboration involving more than 20 academic institutions and over 60 researchers from around the world (Figure).

A general purpose is to provide the basis for standardized assessments of sound environments according to the principles of Soundscape Acoustics in as many languages, countries and cultures as possible.

The SATP is part of the ERC Advanced Grant, 'Soundscape Indices' coordinated by University College London.

The joint publication from all the groups 'Soundscape descriptors in eighteen languages: Translation and validation' summarizes and puts in a wider context the results from all the participating countries, as well as from the Greek publication. The Soundscape Acoustics approach extends the more traditional Environmental Acoustics approach, taking into account of how we experience and perceive the acoustic environment. Soundscape Acoustics is beginning to be incorporated into legislation and national environmental strategies as recently in Wales.

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