Level A1

  • I can write simple notes to friends.
  • I can describe where I live.
  • I can fill in forms with personal details.
  • I can write simple isolated phrases and sentences.
  • I can write a short simple postcard.
  • I can write short letters and messages with the help of a dictionary.

Level A2

  • I can give short, basic descriptions of events and activities.
  • I can write very simple personal letters expressing thanks and apology.
  • I can write short, simple notes and messages relating to matters of everyday  life.
  • I can describe plans and arrangements.
  • I can explain what I like or dislike about something.
  • I can describe my family, living conditions, schooling, present or most recent job.
  • I can describe past activities and personal experiences.

Level B1

  • I can write very brief reports, which pass on routine factual information and state   reasons for actions.
  • I can summarise, report and give my opinion about factual information on familiar matters within my field with some confidence.
  • I can write personal letters describing experiences, feelings and events in detail.
  • I can describe basic details of unpredictable occurrences, e.g., an accident.
  • I can describe dreams, hopes and ambitions.
  • I can take messages describing enquiries, problems etc.
  • I can describe the plot of a book or film and describe my reactions.
  • I can briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions, plans and actions.

Level B2

  • I can explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options.
  • I can develop an argument giving reasons in support of or against a particular point of view.
  • I can evaluate different ideas and solutions to a problem.
  • I can synthesise information and arguments from a number of sources.
  • I can construct a chain of reasoned argument.
  • I can speculate about causes, consequences and hypothetical situations.

Level C1

  • I can expand and support points of view at some length with subsidiary points, reasons and relevant examples.
  • I can develop an argument systematically, giving appropriate emphasis to significant points, and presenting relevant supporting detail.
  • I can give clear detailed descriptions of complex subjects.
  • I can usually write without consulting a dictionary.
  • I can write so well that my language needs to be checked only if the text is an important one.

Level C2

  • I can provide an appropriate and effective logical structure, which helps the reader to find significant points.
  • I can produce clear, smoothly - flowing, complex reports, articles or essays that present a case, or give critical appreciation of proposals or literary works.
  • I can always write without consulting a dictionary.
  • I can write so well that native speakers need not check my texts.
  • I can write so well that my texts cannot be improved significantly even by teachers of writing.