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With the DELOS 365 service you gain access to Microsoft cloud services, including Office 365 Online, One Drive (1TB), Skype for Business and more.

This service is offered in collaboration with the "National Infrastructures for Research and Technology" and Microsoft, while user data is stored on Microsoft's infrastructure.

Whom it may concern?

The service is for the registered students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and the staff of the Technical University of Crete.

How may I get access?

Any eligible user can use his TUC institutional account in order to get access.

To use Microsoft services, you must first activate your account through the DELOS 365 service at delos365.grnet.gr by logging in and using your TUC institutional account.

The activation of the service may take up to one day to be completed.

To connect to MS Office 365 services, visit one of the following addresses:

  • the website of DELOS 365 https://delos365.grnet.gr, using your TUC institutional account
  • MS office 365 service https://login.microsoftonline.com,
    To login, enter the username of your TUC institutional account in the form of "username@office365.tuc.gr" (referred to as "UserPrincipalName") without entering a password. After that you will be redirected to the Identity Provider page of the Technical University of Crete where you will enter the username and password of your TUC institutional account.


  1. Both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students must make a succesful login at the service at https://delos365.grnet.gr, at the beginning of every new academic year in early October, in order to renew their registration.
  2. Your password is entered exclusively in the Identity Provider page of the Technical University of Crete and not in any other third party pages.
  3. Although UserPrincipalName is in the form of an email address (username@office365.tuc.gr), it does NOT correspond to an actual email address. It is used exclusively for the user identification process.

Validity Period of License

The license remains active:

a) as long as you are a student or staff member at the Technical University of Crete, and

b) as long as Microsoft provides the services. There is no guaranteed time period for the services to be provided, and the access can be revoked at any time


Detailed instructions can be found at https://delos365.grnet.gr/guide/user


Technical University of Crete only provides and supports the user validation and access to the service. In any case it is not responsible for the operation of the service and the data stored in it.

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