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Greek Language & Civilization Course

The Technical University of Crete offers the course "Modern Greek Language and Cvilization" to Erasmus+ incoming students.

The courses provide an introduction to Greek language and culture, as well as offer a special insight into local life, the history of Crete and the city of Chania. Students are encouraged to gradually use modern Greek in a variety of everyday situations. Written and oral skills are developed in a dynamic learning environment.

A wide range of activities such as films and videos projections, assignments, fun contests with prize awarding, presentations, sightseeing tours offer an ideal mix of learning and fun. To gain a better understanding of contemporary Cretan life, tours to the Archaeological Museum of the city of Chania, the Maritime Museum, the Central Market, Splantzia Square, the Aqueduct, the church of Agios Nikolaos, the Venetian Shipyards and Grand Arsenal, the Lighthouse, the Turkish Mosque at the harbour, the Firka Fortress are organised.

Teamwork, comparison, reflection, acceptance of diversity are the keys aiming at bringing students closer to the Greek language and culture, while encouraging a sense of belonging, personal growth, and pursuit of knowledge.

The course is schedulled every semester as an intensive course during a 2-month period at the beginning of every semester with lessons, 4 times a week, offering 4 ECTS. 


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