Πλατφόρμα Babele για τη στήριξη νεών επιχειρηματικών ιδεών


Babele is an online platform that helps entrepreneurs and wannabes structure their business plan in an interactive way, the interactivity comes from questions guide you in creating a structured business plan and experienced professionals provide feedback and tips on each section of the plan. It aims to bring the same revolution that open source did to IT programming, by applying crowdsourcing to business development.

Exposing your project in Babele is a way to see how potential clients or investors would perceive your product or service. After the validation phase, Babele helps you to set milestones for your business and communicate with supporters of your project about your progress.

We provide coworking spaces, incubators and accelerators an online tool that strengthens the existing community of entrepreneurs by stimulating the collaboration between them and offering them access to an international network of mentors. It helps measuring the impact of your organization.

Babele has already 50 nationalities aboard. Want to be part of our growing community? Register on the platform, have a look at our workshop calendar or read our blog:

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