A' 6μήνου 2013 - Λιαράκος Ευ.

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Providakis, C.P. & Liarakos, E.V. (2013). A miniaturized early age concrete strengthening and hydration monitoring system based on piezoelectric transducers, 10th HSTAM International Congress on Mechanics, 25-27 May 2013, Crete, Greece.


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Providakis, C.P., Liarakos, E.V. & Kampianakis, E. (ηλεκτρονική δημοσίευση αρχές 2013, δημοσίευση σε paper Αυγ. 2013). Non-destructive wireless monitoring of early-age concrete strength gain using an innovative electromechanical impedance sensing system. Journal of Smart Materials Research, vol. 2013, ID 932568.

Providakis, C.P. & Liarakos, E.V. (υποβληθείσα εργασία το 2013 προς κρίση). Web based concrete strengthenng monitoring using an innovative EMI telemetric system and extreme values statistics. Journal of Structural Control Health Monitoring. (Manuscript Submitted).