Β' 6μήνου 2012 - Βακόνδιος Ν. Ι.

2 ανακοινώσεις σε 2 διεθνή συνέδρια

Vakondios, Ν., Mazioti, Ε., Koukouraki, Ε., Diamadopoulos, Ε. (2012).  An Analytical Method for Measuring Specific Endocrine Disruptors in Activated Sludge Using SPME/GC-MS. 6th International Water Association, International Conference for Young Water Professionals, 10-13 July, Budapest, Hungary.

Vakondios, Ν., Diamadopoulos, Ε. (2012). Rejection of Endocrine Disruptors from Water and Treated Wastewater by Reverse Osmosis Membrane  (poster). 3rd International Conference on Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management. 12-14 September, Chania, Greece.