Α΄6μήνου 2013 - Καμινάκης Ν.

2 ανακοινώσεις σε διεθνή συνέδρια

Fetsi V., Kaminakis N., Stavroulakis G.E. (2013). Design and Topology optimization of Horizontal axis wind turbine rotor, 10th HSTAM International Congress on Mechanics, Chania, Crete, Greece, 25 - 27 May.

Kaminakis, N., Stavroulakis, G.E. (2013). Topology Optimization of multi-functional structures and mechanisms using global and multicriteria optimization. Poster Presentation in Summer School:  Topology Optimization - Theory, Methods and Applications, organized by: Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, Dep. of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Dep. of Wind Energy. Technical University of Denmark, 19-25 June, Lyngby, Denmark.