LIBER: Association of european research libraries

IBER (Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche - Association of European Research Libraries) is the main research libraries network in Europe.

LIBER encompasses more than 420 national, university and other libraries from more than 40 countries. LIBER's network is not restricted to the area of the European Union and the participation of European research libraries outside the European Union is widely encouraged.

LIBER was founded in 1971 as an Association under the auspices of the Council of Europe and in accordance with the Swiss Civil Code (Art.60 et seq.).   The LIBER Secretariat was transferred from the Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark, to the Royal Library of the Netherlands, The Hague,  on 30 September 2008. The LIBER Association  was dissolved at the LIBER Annual General Assembly in Toulouse, France, on Friday 3 July 2009.

On 12 January 2009, LIBER was established as a Foundation (Stichting LIBER) under Dutch Law, with its registered office in The Hague, The Netherlands.

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