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Great success for ACAI-2019/HAISS-2019 and 20PoA Workshop 

At the 'Core' of TUC

20PoA with Koutsoupias-Papadimitriou

In the Classroom!

All the participants at the TUC/ECE School terrace

G. Chalkiadakis and N. Spanoudakis with ACAI Volunteers

The 19th Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence (ACAI-2019/HAISS-2019) and the 20PoA (Price of Anarchy) workshop, which were held at the Technical Univeristy of Crete in Chania, 1-5 July 2019, proved to be a considerable success, attracting 87 students from Europe, North & South America and Asia.

The Advanced Course on AI was a specialized course in Artificial Intelligence sponsored by EurAI, with this year's main theme to be AI for Multi-Agent Worlds. At the same time, the event constituted the 2019 Hellenic Artificial Intelligence Summer School HAISS-2019, sponsored by EETN, the Hellenic AI Society. Tutorials from 25 distinguished professors and researchers from top European and American Universities, as well as world-renowned ΙΤ & ΑΙ companies, related to Deep Engineering Learning, Decision Making in Uncertainty, Artificial Intelligence and Social Justice, Artificial Intelligence and Ethics, Logic, Digital Games, and more, were presented during ACAI 2019.

Furthermore, the ACAI-2019/HAISS-2019 was co-located with the Twenty Years of the Price of Anarchy (20PoA) Workshop, a celebratory meeting! Closing in on two decades from the first works on the price of anarchy (Koutsoupias, Elias; Papadimitriou, Christos (May 2009), "Worst-case Equilibria", Computer Science Review, 3 (2) : 65–69), the 20PoA workshop aimed to put together a "retrospective" in the form of a celebratory meeting, to chart out the impact of the price of anarchy in game-theoretic thinking. The presentations and discussions during the workshop attempted to examine the influence of PoA and related notions in Computer Science, Operations Research, and Economics, and to reflect on what the future holds.

20PoA Keynote Speaches were delivered by:

Please watch all the keynote speeches on the ECE Channel.

ACAI-2019/HAISS-2019was organized by:

  • EurAI (European Association for Artificial Intelligence)
  • EETN, the Hellenic AI Society
  • the Technical Univeristy of Crete committee:
  1. Georgios Chalkiadakis, TUC Assοciate Professor, Event Chair
  2. Nikolaos Spanoudakis, TUC Researcher, Event Co-chair

ACAI-2019/HAISS-2019 was supported by:

  • the European Association for Multi-Agent Systems - EURAMAS
  • the Perfecture of Chania

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