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An ERC Advanced Investigator Grant for the Technical University of Crete

The European Research Council (http://erc.europa.eu) awards yearly some 300 Advanced Investigator Grants across all scientific disciplines. TRAMAN21 (Traffic Management for the 21st Century) is the first such Grant to be hosted by the Technical University of Crete; and one of the two such Grants that were awarded to Greek Host Institutions in 2013, remarkably both of them located in Crete, Greece. TRAMAN21 was awarded in 2013 to Prof Markos Papageorgiou, Dynamic Systems and Simulation Laboratory, and started its investigations in March 2013.
In a nutshell, the main objective of TRAMAN21 is to develop the foundations and first steps that will pave the way towards a new era of future motorway traffic management research and practice, which is indispensable in order to accompany, complement and exploit the evolving deployment of various vehicle automation and communication systems (VACS). For more details, please visit the project’s web site www.traman21.tuc.gr.

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