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TRB Freeway Operations Committee Best Paper Award

On behalf of all his co-authors, Professor Markos Papageorgiou has received the  Best 2014 Freeway Operations Paper Award from the Freeway Operations Committee of Transportation Research Board (TRB) for the scientific paper of Faulkner, L., Dekker, F., Gyles, D., Papamichail, I., Papageorgiou, M. “Evaluation of HERO coordinated ramp metering installation at the M1/M3 Freeway in Queensland, Australia”. This paper has been presented at the 93rd Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C., January 12-16, 2014, and will be published in the Transportation Research Record. 

At the attached photo, Prof. Haitham Al-Deek, President of the TRB AHB20 Paper Review Subcommittee, is giving the Award to Professor Markos Papageorgiou, together with Dr. Jon Oberberger, President of the TRB Freeway Operations Committee, during the meeting of the Committee in January 13, 2015.

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