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Assist. Prof. Alexandros Stefanakis as Editor-in-Chief for Springer-Nature CIES journal

Assist. Prof. Alexandros Stefanakis

Springer-Nature announces a new scientific peer-reviewed journal entitled "Circular Economy and Sustainability - CIES". In this journal, Assistant Professor Alexandros Stefanakis of the School of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete serves as Editor-in-Chief. Along with him, Dr Nikoleta Jones from Cambridge University and Assoc Professor Ioannis Nikolaou from the Department of Environmental Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace serve as Co-Editor-in-Chief.

This new scientific journal is the first one to cover the current and emerging subject of Circular Economy, aiming at analyzing the current status and  perspectives for the transition to a circular economy to achieve the principles of Sustainability. CIES focuses on circular economy as a distinct, holistic subject rather than as a part only of other fields, presenting a new integrated, interdisciplinary approach of circular economy that fulfills the goals of sustainability. For the first time, circular economy and sustainability are viewed as interrelated and complementary terms and not separate paradigms. CIES brings a modern view suggesting and studying the relations, interactions and synergies between different scientific areas and disciplines required not only to reach the sustainability goals but also to solve diverse environmental problems, expand technological limits and overcome potential economic disturbances.

The Editorial Board of the new journal has been carefully selected to signal the diversity needed to reflect the wide range of disciplines, subject areas, scientific fields covered by the new circular economy approach proposed by the journal. It includes distinguished and high-ranking editors from the academic world as well as the business sector coming from 20 different countries and 4 continents.

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