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"Conserving Stone Heritage" | New book co-edited by Professor Pagona-Noni Maravelaki

Professor Pagona-Noni Maravelaki

A new book, titled "Conserving Stone Heritage", has been published by Springer, as part of the "Heritage Science" book series. The book has been edited by Dr Francesca Gherardi, Materials Scientist, Historic England, Fort Cumberland, Portsmouth, UK and Professor Pagona-Noni Maravelaki, Director of the Laboratory of Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Building Materials at the School of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete, Greece.

The chapters in this book illustrate the state-of-the-art on traditional and innovative materials, and methods for stone conservation, examining current trends and future perspectives. Each of them is focused on describing the consequent phases that complement the spectrum of the conservation intervention:

  • preliminary investigations, condition assessment, and mapping of the deterioration patterns;
  • surface cleaning, with a specific focus on laser technology;
  • consolidation and protection of stone surfaces;
  • repair mortars and grouts; and
  • onsite assessment and monitoring of conservation treatments.

This book intends to bridge the gap between laboratory studies and conservation interventions, by linking together the diverse scientific areas involved in the preservation of stone heritage.

The performance of the applied conservation intervention is criticized and discussed with an aim of providing the specialists with specific tools for stone conservation.

Different case studies are included, highlighting specific conservation challenges and their solutions, in order to understand and overcome them.

The aim is to guide conservators, conservation scientists, and heritage stakeholders in the selection of compatible and sustainable materials and techniques for conserving stone heritage.



Chapter 1. Preliminary investigations, condition assessment and mapping of the deterioration patterns
Davide Gulotta and Lucia Toniolo

Chapter 2. Surface cleaning: implications from choices & future perspectives
Pagona Noni Maravelaki

Chapter 3: Laser cleaning on stonework; principles, case studies and future prospects
Paraskevi Pouli

Chapter 4. Stone consolidation. Between science and practice
José Delgado Rodrigues

Chapter 5. Current and future trends in protective treatments for stone heritage
Francesca Gherardi

Chapter 6. Mortars for Restoration: set-up parameters and developing mortar design areas
Maria Apostolopoulou and Antonia Moropoulou

Chapter 7. Repair mortars/grouts for reinstatement of stone units in Historic Structures
Ioanna Papayianni

Chapter 8. In situ assessment of conservation treatments and monitoring of their effectiveness
Susanna Bracci and Barbara Sacchi

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