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GISTAM 2015 Best Paper Award

Τhe paper «3D Reconstruction and Visualization of Alternatives for Restoration of Historic Buildings: a New Approach» was awarded for the  GISTAM 2015 Best Paper Award.  Lemonia Ragia (scientific associate at TUC),  Froso Sarri  (student at the ECE School of TUC) and Katerina Mania (Associate Professor, ECE School of TUC) , are the authors of the paper.

This paper puts forward a 3D reconstruction methodology applied to the restoration of historic buildings taking advantage of the combined speed, range and accuracy of a total geodetic station. The measurements of geo-referenced points produced a fully interactive and photorealistic geometric mesh of an historic monument named ‘Neoria’. ‘Neoria’ is a Venetian building located by the old harbour at Chania, Crete, Greece. The integration of tacheometry acquisition and computer graphics puts forward a novel integrated software framework for the accurate 3D reconstruction of a historical building. The main technical challenge of this work was the production of an accurate 3D mesh based on a sufficient  number of tacheometry measurements acquired fast and at low-cost.  Interpolation methods ensured that a detailed geometric mesh was constructed based on a few points. Advanced interactive functionalities are offered to the user in relation to identifying restoration areas and visualizing the outcome of such works in a fully interactive application based on game engine technologies. Moreover, the user could photorealistically visualize the actual or restored monument and calculate distances between points. 

GISTAM 2015 Conference web page

3D interactive visualization of Neoria, Chania - The Video 

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