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External Evaluation Report of the Technical University of Crete

Research is a core mission of the Institution and as a result, TUC delivers scientific output of high calibre and volume. In terms of research publications, TUC is one of the most productive research institutions in Greece and compares very favourably with peer institutions in Europe and North America. The number of grant-funded projects has more than doubled since 2012”.

With these words, the External Evaluation Report of the Technnical University of Crete by the Hellenic Quality Assurance & Accreditation Agency (H.Q.A).,  confirms the high-level research  produced by TUC.

Equally positive are the comments of the External Evaluation Committee (EEC), regarding the quality of education provided by the Technical University of Crete. According to the EEC report:

TUC’s curricula  are up-to-date according to high international standards. Periodic evaluation of curricula  leads to potential adaptation of course content or introduction of new courses to follow the evolution of the discipline and meet international academic trends.” The EEC also refers to the “excellent job placement for graduates of certain Schools due to quality training”, as a main  strength of the Programmes of Undergraduate Studies.

The External Evaluation Committee overall evaluates the Technical University of Crete at the highest possible rank: “Worthy of Merit”.

The highest rank,  was also given to individual sections, such as, Organizational Development Strategy, Research Strategy, Environmental Strategy, Internationalization Strategy, Social Strategy, Central Administration Services of the Institution and the External Evaluation Procedure followed.

Finally, we quote the following, according to the EEC report:

The Institution is populated by highly skilled and highly motivated faculty, staff, and graduate students who have the potential, will, and ability to excel. The very fact that TUC continues to function and deliver acceptable output is solely due to the strong interest and enthusiasm, high level of responsibility and volunteerism beyond normal expectations of the Institution leadership, faculty and staff. EEC highly commends this attitude of TUC. The TUC’s administrative team, faculty, and staff should be applauded for these efforts.

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