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BD3 2013 First International Workshop on Big Dynamic Distributed Data

BD3 2013 First International Workshop on Big Dynamic Distributed Data 
August 30th, 2013, Trento, Italy (in conjunction with VLDB 2013)

As the amount of streaming data produced by large-scale systems such as environmental monitoring, scientific experiments and communication networks grows rapidly, new approaches are needed to effectively process and analyze such data. There are several promising directions in the area of large-scale distributed computation, that is, where multiple computing entities work together over partitions of the massive, streaming data to perform complex computations. Two important paradigms in this realm are continuous distributed monitoring (i.e., continually maintaining an accurate estimate of a complex query), and distributed and cluster-based systems that allow the processing of big, streaming data (e.g., IBM System S, Apache S4, and Twitter Storm).


The aim of the BD3 workshop is to bring together computer scientists with interests in this field to present recent innovations, find topics of common interest and to stimulate further development of new approaches to deal with massive dynamic and distributed data.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Novel architectures for BD3
  • Extensions to existing models for BD3
  • Algorithms for mining and analytics for BD3
  • Query processing in BD3
  • Efficient communication protocols for BD3
  • Languages and structures for BD3
  • Theoretical basis and hardness for BD3
  • Engineering case-studies in BD3
  • Position papers on challenges and new directions in BD3
  • Privacy issues in BD3
  • Energy efficiency and reliability in BD3
  • Scheduling and provisioning issues in BD3

Organizing Committee 
General Chairs: 
Minos Garofalakis
Technical University of Crete

Antonios Deligiannakis
Technical University of Crete

More information: http://www.softnet.tuc.gr/bd3/index.html

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