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Golden Prize for the European Research Project BEWEXMIN

The European Research Project BEWEXMIN  (RFCS-CT-2015-00003) was awarded the golden prize from Poland's business and economic magazine 'Investment Market' ('Rynek Inwestycji'), for its significant contribution to resolve problems of the mining industry. BEWEXMIN is funded by the European Commission (Research Fund for Coal and Steel) and mining companies. It aims to develop methods to improve the performance of bucket wheel excavators working in difficult mining conditions including hard rock formations with excessive cutting resistance. BEWEXMIN has 9 partners from the European Union (3 universities, 3 research institutes and 3 companies).

The Technical University of Crete participates in BEWEXNIN with, Professor Michalis Galetakisscientific coordinator of the project and Director of the Research Unit "Quality Control-Health and Safety in Mining", and Professor Antonios Vafidis, Director of the “Applied Geophysics” Laboratory. The research team includes collaborators of the above TUC laboratories: Anthoula Vassiliou, Athanasia Soultana, Vasilios Deligiorgis, Georgios Kritikakis, Nikolaos Economou, Nikolaos Andronikidis.

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