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2021 Howie Award for Best Paper on Rare Earth Elements

Dr. Gamaletsos during a sample mounting into the chamber of the SULX beamline (ANKA, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany)

Assist. Prof. Platon Gamaletsos is one of the co-authors of a peer-reviewed publication that has been awarded the 2021 Howie Award (Best Paper) of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

This paper entitled as “Structural state of rare earth elements in eudialyte-group minerals” by Anouk M. Borst, Adrian A. Finch, Henrik Friis, Nicola J. Horsburgh, Platon N. Gamaletsos, Joerg Goettlicher, Ralph Steininger and Kalotina Geraki, was one of a group selected by the editors of the two Society journals with the winner chosen by the Society’s Awards Panel. Scoring was based on the following criteria: novelty, inter-disciplinarity, applicability, and how the science is advanced by the new work.

As a part of the collaboration between Dr. Gamaletsos and Assist. Prof. Dr. Anouk Borst, this work is a contribution to the understanding of the strategic metals (especially the rare earth elements / REEs) partitioning in the crystal structure of the eudialyte group of minerals (EGM). Based on our knowledge, EGMs are the main hosting phases of the REEs in the promising REE ore deposits in EU (Greenland and Sweden). Samples had been collected by -among others- the REE ore deposits in Greenland (Ilímaussaq) and Sweden (Norra Kärr).


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