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EURECA-PRO I&E Course | Lecture 02 | 23.03.2022, 14:00 EET | External Environment

The Technical University of Crete, in the context of EURECA-PRO, the European University on Responsible Consumption and Production, organizes a free online course on "Innovation & Entrepreneurship", consisting of a series of 14 lectures presented by leading professors and researchers of seven European universities from six countries. The goal is to nurture students and scientific staff in creative and innovative thinking by providing practical knowledge, skills and competences in business and market basics, offering business plan orientation, and promoting problem-solution thinking and leadership skills.

The 2nd lecture of the series is titled

External Environment

and will be delivered by

Associate Professor Claudia Isac
University of Petrosani, Romania

on the following date/time

March 23, 2022 | 14:00 EET (13:00 CET)

More information about this lecture is shown below. The full schedule of the series is attached at the end of this post. To register for the course, please visit this page.


The external business environment consists of variables that require analysis, in order to reach an effective business strategy. In this approach, there are two useful tools for each entrepreneur: (a) Porter's Five Forces – will give a level of competition, when you are starting a new business, and (b) STEP Analysis, supplemented with Ecological Analysis, Governmental Analysis and Entrepreneurship Factors.

Short Bio

Claudia Isac graduated in 1995 from the University of Petrosani receiving the 5 years Diploma in Economics, with specialization in Management. In 2005, she received, from the University of Craiova (Romania), the Ph.D. in Management, based upon the doctoral thesis “Improving Managerial Activity in the EnergyIndustry”. She is the Head of the Economic Department at the University of Petroşani and coordinates the activities performed by The Students’ Entrepreneurial Society within this higher education institution. She is the author/co-author of more than 100 articles published in various scientific journals and international conference proceedings. She is a member of the Romanian Academic Society of Management and of the Romanian Management and Economic Engineering Association. Her areas of interest and research are as follows: Entrepreneurship, eBusiness and Strategic Management.

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