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Call for Applicants for the New Hybrid Master’s Program in «MSc Sustainable Engineering and Climate Change»

The Postgraduate Studies Programme awards the degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.)  in Sustainable Engineering and Climate Change and is offered by the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering. The Programme offers science and engineering graduates the opportunity to specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management
  • Sustainable Energy

The goal of the program is to train scientists and professionals who will be in the position to solve problems related to climate change and to environmental management, and to design sustainable energy systems and environmentally sustainable cities of the future.

The modules will be taught both with in person and with online participation using e-learning platforms. The way in which each postgraduate student will attend will be finalized after evaluation of the reasons for requesting the option of remote attendance by the School's General Assembly.

The program contributes to the further internationalization of the activities of the School and aims to boost the cooperation of students and academics with institutions abroad, offering more opportunities for extroversy to its participants.

    The minimum duration of studies is three (3) academic semesters and includes the time needed to complete the Master’s Thesis.

    Courses for the Master’s degree will be taught in English. The Master’s thesis will be written in English.

    Courses will be taught both with in person and with online participation using e-learning platforms.

    The entire fee is 1500 Euro for the three semesters. An extra charge of 150 euro per semester applies to post-graduate students who wish to extend their studies.

    Hybrid MSc  Sustainable Engineering and Climate Change


    3 semesters





    6 semesters



    Entry year


    Cohort Size





    Method of Participation

    Physical presence,

    e-learnig-online (application required)

    Part time study


    (application required)


    Applicants are requested to submit the following documents:

    1. Personal information and desired specialization area.

    2. Copies of acquired degrees/diplomas.

    3. Certificate of accreditation by Hellenic NARIC (for degrees from foreign institutions).

    4. Official transcripts.

    5. Copies of English Language Certificates (and of any other foreign language, where applicable).

    6. Extended Curriculum Vitae.

    7. List of awards, fellowships and publications.

    8. Copies of scientific publications, if there are any.

    9. Personal statement, describing your academic interest in and understanding of your chosen

    programme, as well as your purpose and objectives in undertaking the specific graduate studies.

    10. At least two letters of recommendation from academics.


    The applications have to be submitted via the online application system (https://e-graduate.tuc.gr).

    The deadline for submitting all documents is September 10th, 2022.


    For further information, visit: www.chenveng.tuc.gr or call +3028210-37780, +302821037781, +302821037788.

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