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EURECA-PRO: Open, Online, Self-Paced Foreign Language Courses

EURECA-PRO (The European University for Responsible Consumption and Production) offers open, online, self-paced foreign language courses to all students and staff of the Technical University of Crete (TUC). The courses have been prepared by instructors from the 9 partner universities participating in the EURECA-PRO alliance, including the Technical University of Crete, and represent languages spoken in the participating institutions.

The list of offered foreign language courses and the course material are available through the Moodle EURECA-PRO Learning Management System (LMS) at the following address:


To enroll in a course that interests you, select the specific course and log in to the EURECA-PRO LMS course platform with your institutional credentials, after selecting the Technical University of Crete from the list of available Universities.

If you have already logged in with your credentials to the EURECA-PRO LMS course platform (i.e. before selecting the course you are interested in), then to enroll in the course, simply select it and press "self-enrollment".

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