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TUC's citation score highest among all Greek Universities!

The National Documentation Centre of Greece recently concluded a study titled "Greek Scientific Publications 1996-2010: Bibliometric analysis of Greek publications in international scientific journals - Scopus”, based on data from the internationally established Scopus Database, which aims to create a consistent ground for monitoring and presenting data for the research environment in Greece and thus to enable correlations with levels of research activity in EU and OECD countries.

This study conducts a bibliometric analysis of Greek scientific publications in international scientific journals using established and reliable indicators. Publications in scientific journals, the main vehicle for the dissemination of research results to the scientific community, are an important source for the recording and evaluation of university research work.

As far as TUC is concerned, this study reflects the performance of TUC scientific staff and its production of scientific publications as well as the impact of the TUC's research work internationally. TUC ranks first among all universities in Greece in research publications marking the highest citation score and exceeding world average!

With regard to the 5-year period 2006-2010, Figures 4.3.1 and 4.3.2* display the number of publications and citations as well as the relevant “field-normalised citation score” for each University. The field normalised citation score or “citation score” is the relative number of citations to publications of a University compared to the world average of citations to publications of the same time period and scientific subject field. The normalisation was done on an individual article level according to the 329 scientific subject fields. If an article was originating in more than one scientific fields, a mean value of the fields was calculated. The citation score was calculated using software developed by the National Documentation Centre (EKT). A value greater than 1, indicated that the impact of publications was higher than the world average.

Citation score’s values and the number of Universities approaching the world average indicate a better performance when compared to those of  the preceding years. The Technical University of Crete/TUC, the University of Crete/UOC, the University of Ioannina/UOI, the National Technical University of Athens and the University of Western Macedonia ranked first, exceeding the world average (citation scores 1.26, 1.17, 1.12, 1.07 and 1.04 respectively). The citation score was approaching the world average with values over 0.90 - for the Agricultural University of Athens/AUA (0.98), the University of the Peloponnese (0.97), the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (0.97), the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (0.95), the University of Thessaly (0.94), the University of Patras (0.93), the University of Piraeus/UNIPI (0.93), and the Athens University of Economics and Business (0.91)-.

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