Born in the heart of Rome a few footsteps from St. Peter’s Cathedral, I live since 1985 in beautiful Crete, in the area of the Venizelos Memorial, on the eastern side the city of Chania, where I enjoy my self-designed garden and house.


Graduated in Law at the University of Macerata, my interest for languages also led me to the Post-Graduate Diploma of the Institute of Linguists (U.K.) with specialisation in scientific texts, as well as other language proficiency certificates (CV).


Concerning my work experience in Crete, I served as executive secretary of the Director of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania and since 1994 as the head of the Vice-Rectors’ Secretariat, currently Deputy-Rectors’ Office of the Technical University of Crete.


My job description includes the comprehensive assistance of the Deputy Rectors from an administrative point of view, as well as international and public relations of the Rectorate, conference organisation, translations, publications, university webpage updating, and graphic works, among others.


Being one of my main interests art and Byzantine Icon painting, I became also very interested in Graphics and took a diploma in Essential Design, from the National Extension College (U.K.). This allowed me to get involved in graphic projects both for my university and other organisations.


Another area of interest which I consider very important to me is my contribution to the Italian humanitarian organization "Abbraccia il mondo" which provides free medical assistance to underprivileged individuals (mainly from depressed areas of the Mediterranean area) with serious or life-threating health conditions. My contribution consists in connecting people working on the field in these countries with a network of volunteering health professionals in Rome, as well as to help fund-raising activities.