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The Library and Information Centre of the Technical University of Crete was founded in 1977, but it first began its operation in 1985 at the same time when the first students were admitted to the University. Initially, a listed building in the centre of the Old Town of Chania housed the Library until 1993, when it moved to the university campus in Kounoupidiana in a modern building especially designed to meet the growing needs of the university. In September 2007, the Central Library acquired a new, modern building in the heart of the University Campus, where the collection of journals and audiovisual material were moved. The co-funding of the European Union, through the Operational Programmes I and II for Education and Initial Vocational Training of the 2nd and 3rd Community Support Framework respectively has contributed significantly to the enhancement of the library's collection, its technical infrastructure and the development of new services.

The main mission of the Library and Information Centre of the Technical University of Crete is to boost and support all educational and research activities of the University, to provide specialized information to the broader national and international scientific community and to participate actively in educational and cultural activities. It also supports the administrative work of other university units and provides information to non-university users.

The major core of the library's collection includes loan material. All TUC members as well as the students of the Technological Institute of Crete and residents of Chania can sign up as users. The Library uses the GEAC-Advance automated system for managing and accessing its material. The Online Public Access Electronic Catalogue (OPAC) is accessible via internet for browsing the library collection without visiting its facilities on campus.

The Library and Information Centre of the Technical University of Crete is constantly developing its services and creating new ones, always aiming at providing valid and timely information to all of its users. It is an active member of national and international actions by academic libraries (e.g. HEAL-Link). At the same time, it supports the constant training of its staff and promotes the introduction of new technologies in the area of Information management.



Library and Information Centre

University Campus, Kounoupidiana,

73100 Chania Crete

Website: www.library.tuc.gr

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