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Sometimes we have the feeling that we are lonely or that we have been expelled from ourselves. This kind of loneliness, depending on the circumstances, may prove to be a source of sorrow and discomfort, if we are lonely by circumstance or if we are bored by the company of ourselves.

There are many types of loneliness: the one that we choose, the one that is imposed on us and the one that we master. The loneliness that we have seemingly chosen may in fact hide rejection of our appearance, an escape from life or protection from the image of ourselves because we have not yet found its best side.

To escape from the loneliness that we have not chosen we must refrain from negative thoughts, be free from illusions, difficult relations, everyday social role-models and even the need to be loved.


Causes of loneliness:

  • When we are lonely and feel that we do not have any other choice
  • When we feel that we are not loved, accepted and worthy   
  • When we feel that there is no one to share our experiences and emotions
  • When we have experienced changes in our lives

then the loneliness that we experience becomes intense and our thoughts  become negative, positive thoughts like the ones described below:

  • Every human being is unique.
  • I must communicate with other people.
  • I must find and develop skills and activities.
    … seem very distant when in fact they are part of the solution of the problem.
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