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Difficulties in interpersonal relations, in the family

In our times, there are many causes and reasons that may create problems in interpersonal relations such as:
negative social role-models in the family, at school, in society, inability of parents to respond to their essential role, lack of communication between parents and youth, general family confrontations, loose family ties, loneliness, indifference, lack of moral values, intense consumer behaviour etc. Alienation, egocentricity and personal interest dominate our personal, family, professional and social life; as a result, there is no freedom in expression, in emotions and therefore, in our interpersonal relations. When we grow or live in such an environment, we sometimes can develop, with the help of professionals or with personal effort, skills that may help us to better understand other people, to set future goals, to be more resistant to stress and to changes that are about to occur in our lives.

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