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Stress - Anxiety - Depression

We feel stress every time that an outside stimulus or a thought makes us feel anxiety, intensity, disappointment or anger. Stress is different for every person and depends on the pressure that is exerted by our immediate environment (family, university, work, friends, etc) or by ourselves (demands, obligations, expectations, etc). The positive side of stress is that it helps us to complete a task faster but also it helps us be ready to react before danger. The negative side of stress are the difficulties that it creates to our daily activities, the fact that we are blocked by the thought of failure and that we come across various physical problems such as increased pressure, tachycardia, stomach-ache, headache, exhaustion etc. What is difficult about stress is to be able to recognize its early symptoms. However, we usually justify these symptoms because we want other reasons to be responsible for them or because we are used to them and we do not pay any attention. The solution to avoiding stress is quite simple: programming our schedule in the right way according to our capabilities and the obligations which we can fulfil just as long as we allow time for working out, sleeping, eating right and dealing with what we need to do but also what we can enjoy doing. So let us focus on our goals by acknowledging our problems, saying no to too much work and obligations and let us prioritize and find some time to ourselves.

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