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The end of a relationship, regardless whether it is a friendly, love or professional one and regardless of the person who has initiated it, hurts our feelings and makes us suffer both emotionally and physically. Nowadays, break-ups have increased dramatically and it is interesting to observe the effect they have on our mental and physical health.

Our psychological reaction to a break-up is characterized by our denial to accept the fact, feelings of sorrow and anger and finally, the need to redefine our way of life as well as positive and negative traits of our personality. Any negative feelings we may have might sometimes lead us to acts of vengeance, especially when we have not detached ourselves emotionally from the other person and we still feel a strong dependency on that person. In order to overcome the crisis without blaming ourselves or other people, we must seek the causes in ourselves and our character. We must remember that there people are not failures but rather situations are and that we must let ourselves free to react, because a reaction is a normal consequence. We must take better care of and get to know ourselves, analyse and judge our mistakes and not those of the other person, and in general, we must learn from the past and adjust to reality.

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