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Directorate of Financial Services

The Directorate of Financial Services is responsible for the economic management of all university activities and makes recommendations for adopting economic development programmes. It investigates the possibilities for financing these activities through the university budget and the budget of public investment as well as the financing possibilities arising from other sources such as endowments, revenues from research collaborations, European Union funds etc. It monitors and analyses the expenses of the University and recommends ways of distributing anticipated revenues in order to cover expenses. It handles matters of procurements, manages the personal and real property of the university and schedules disbursements within the framework of availabilities. It performs pre-audit and post-audit controls to ensure the interests of the university and is responsible for making staff payments. The Directorate includes the following departments:


a. Accounting & Treasury

b. Procurement

c. Management of Assets

d. Payroll


Katerina Chochlaki

Directorate of Financial Services

Administrative & Financial Services Building, 1st Floor

Agiou Titou Square

73132 Chania

Telephone                      +30 28210 37009

Fax                                 +30 28210 28416

Email:                             hohlaki@mred.tuc.grlogistics<at>mail.tuc.gr


Accounting & Treasury

Nikos Gavgiotakis           +30 28210 37018 nikosg<at>mail.tuc.gr  

Alexandros Georgiakakis+30 28210 37017 ageorgiakakis<at>isc.tuc.gr

Stella Malandraki            +30 28210 37019   smalandraki<at>isc.tuc.gr

Michael Varvantakis        +30 28210 37020

Antonis Virirakis              +30 28210 37015 avirirakis@isc.tuc.gr




Ioanna  Kavalou               +30 2821037049 ikavalou@mail.tuc.gr

Sofia Trakaki                   +30 28210 37067 sophia<at>mail.tuc.gr

Giota Tsitonaki                +30 28210 37013 giotat<at>mail.tuc.gr

Fax                                    +30 28210 37075

Email                                 prom<at>mail.tuc.gr


Management of Assets

           +30 28210 37023

Fax                                   +30 28210 37075



Panagiota Aggelopoulou   +30 28210 37011 pay<at>mail.tuc.gr

Efrosini Petrantonaki        +30 28210 37012 pay<at>mail.tuc.gr

Esther Gelasaki                 +30 28210 37010 egelasaki<at>isc.tuc.gr

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