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Technical University of Crete, Erasmus+ Programme

University Campus, Akrotiri, Chania, 73100, Crete, GREECE

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Mrs Eleftheria KARAGIANNI
Outgoing students

Technical University of Crete, Erasmus+ Programme

University Campus, Akrotiri, Chania, 73100, Crete, GREECE

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Incoming Students

Students wishing to apply to the Technical University of Crete for their Erasmus+ studies will have to be sure that their Institution has signed an Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional Agreement with TUC [Please check here]. 
Before submitting their application, incoming students must be nominated by their Home University, by e-mail at erasmus<at>
Incoming students have to respect the deadlines for submitting applications, which are as follows:
June 1, both for the winter semester and the whole academic year
November 1, for the spring semester.
Incoming students should send their application to the ERASMUS+ Office by email at erasmus<at>  together with:

Students are required to select courses for 30 ECTS in one semester and 60 ECTS in a full academic year and match them with courses of corresponding ECTS at their home university.

Erasmus Academic Coordinators

School of Production Engineering and Management
Assist. Professor Spiros PAPAEFTHIMIOU Tel. +0030 2821 0377428 

Office location: Building E5, Groundfloor, Office No. 011


School of Mineral Resources Engineering

Assist. Professor Emmanouil STIAKAKIS, Tel. +0030 28210 37648 stiakaki<at>

Office location: Building M1, 1st floor, Office No. Μ1.108

School of 
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Assist. Professor Eftychios Koutroulis, Tel. +0030 28210 37233 efkout<at>

Office location: Building L, 1st floor, Office No. 141.A09 

School of 
Environmental Engineering

Assist. Professor Nikos XEKOUKOULOTAKIS, Tel. +0030 28210 37772

Office location: Building K2, 1st floor, Office No. 115 

School of Architectural Engineering

Assist. Professor Alexios TZOMPANAKIS, Tel. +0030 28210 37132  

Office location: Building K4, 1st floor, Office No. 88


Erasmus students cannot unfortunately be accommodated at the Halls of Residence of the University Campus because the places available are already very few for the greek students themselves.

As a result, Erasmus students are accommodated in various rooms (or studios) in town. There is also the possibility that students share a room in some private owned houses. Depending on their preferences and the places available, the personnel of the Erasmus Office, will help accommodate the students and will try to satisfy their needs.

Depending on the size of the studios and their location in town, prices might range from 300-400 (per studio) per month, or about 200-250 euros per month, (per room in the house). Generally, all charges are included in the option of the house. 

Students should inform the personnel of the Erasmus Office at least one month in advance, on the exact date of their arrival.

The personnel of the Erasmus Office cannot be responsible for students who either fail to submit their application before the deadlines or those who fail to inform the Erasmus Office on the exact date of their arrival. 

Students who do not comply with the rules and the procedure must bear the responsibility to find a place to stay themselves. If, however, there are still some places available, then they will get extra help from the Erasmus Office Personnel.

For more information on the application procedure, the academic credit system, the services & facilities of the University, travel & accomodation, please read the ERASMUS+ Student Guide.

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