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Users who are granted an account may use Directorate’s e-services. Services like e-mail, WiFi, dialup, VPN etc.  require user authentication.

Whom it may concern?

Accounts are available to all TUC faculty, students, staff and visitors.

How may I get one?

First-year undergraduate students will automatically receive user account as soon as they register to their department.

After the registration, students should come to the Educational Computer Infrastructure office (student id is required) to get info about their account.

All the others (graduate students, faculty, staff, etc.) should come to the office (id is required) to get info about their account.

Personal User Account

Every Person has its own user account and is responsible for its usage. The account consists of 2 attributes: user name and password.

 Authentication mechanism

Every time a user wants to access an e-service, he is prompted to authenticate himself. This is accomplished with the user name/password pair. More specifically, whenever a user logs on a workstation the following window appears. 


User is asked to enter its user name and password.

One of the main security concerns is to keep your password secret. Do not share it with anyone.

What Password should I use?
Passwords are confidential. Do not give your password to anyone!
Passwords have a number of restrictions:

  • It must be 9 -12 characters long.
  • It must contain at least 3 characters that are not alphabet letters (i.e. ! @ # $ % *).
  • It must contain lowercase and uppercase characters.
  • It must not contain consecutive keyboard keys (i.e. 123456789 QWERTYUIOP ZXCVBNM or any subset that includes at least 3 characters).


In case the user does not follow the above rules, his/her account will be automatically deactivated and he/she will not be able to access Directorate’s e-services.

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