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Adminstrative Issues

Students and teaching or academic staff must present themselves at the Erasmus Office (Building E5, Office 015, tel: +30 28210 37246, e-mail: erasmus-plus@isc.tuc.gr) on their day of arrival, and on their day of departure, in order to arrange all administrative matters. TUC Erasmus Office offers support to the incoming and outgoing students and staff, oversees and coordinates all the administrative and financial procedures. For that reason it is very important for the Erasmus Office to keep a record with all the required scanned and original documents. At the end of the Mobility period, the incoming staff, will receive a Certificate of Attendance, which will confirm the actual mobility period start and end dates. Furthermore students will receive the document After the Mobility signed by all the three members (the student, the Host and the Receiving Institutions). The Transcript of Records and/or the Assessment Report (in case that a student has carried out a part of his/her thesis at TUC) will be issued no later than five weeks after the assessment period has finished. Students will also have to fill in an on-line report (EU-Survey) sent by EACEA regarding their assessment of the Erasmus mobility experience.

Financial Issues


The Technical University of Crete, as applicant and Coordinator, will be in charge of the financial management, conforming to the guidelines and policies of the European Commission and the National Agency (IKY). TUC will cover all grants and travel expenses of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Program participants.

As far as the international incoming students are concerned, TUC waives tuition fees and does not ask them for any enrolment fees.

According to article 4 of the grant agreement, the participant shall receive a first pre-financing payment within 30 calendar days after the signature of the agreement by both parties, representing 80% (including the individual support and the travel support) of the financial support from Erasmus+ EU funds. TUC will consider the submission of the online EU survey as the participant's request for payment. The institution shall pay the remaining amount within 20 calendar days of the submission of the online EU survey.
According to article 3 of the grant agreement, the participant shall repay the financial support or part of it if he/she does not carry out the mobility activity in compliance with the terms of the agreement. If the participant terminates the agreement before it ends, he/she shall have to refund the amount of the grant already paid, except if the institution agrees differently. However, when and if force majeure prevents the participant from completing his/her mobility activities, he/she shall receive the amount of the grant corresponding to the actual duration of the mobility period. Any remaining funds shall have to be refunded, except if agreed differently with the institution. The institution shall report such cases and the National Agency will need to accept them.

The grantees must have a bank account in their home country with a bank that cooperates with a Greek one, and provide us with the following bank account data where we will pay the financial support:

 - Name of Bank account holder in full (in roman alphabet also if script of national language is other than roman):

 - Bank name:

 - Clearing/BIC/SWIFT number:  

 - Account/IBAN number:

 Where all the information appear in an official language using non-Latin characters, it should be transliterated in Latin characters.

Each grantee must provide the Erasmus Office with a copy of bank document that displays the details of the above-mentioned account.

Bear in mind that we need all the original documents and invoices of ticket reservations, tickets, boarding passes, bus tickets and all the original invoices regarding the mobility. Please make sure that they are issued in English (usually tickets and reservations made through the internet are in English).

Please send scanned documents of reservations, tickets and any other invoice via e-mail before departure.

The original ones must be deposited at the Erasmus office upon arrival. The participant will additionally send to us the original departure tickets etc. via airmail as soon as he/she returns to his/her country. Before that he/she needs to hand them out to the Erasmus office in order to have them scanned.

Necessary original documents:

• Boarding passes
• Airplane ticket Invoice (including the itinerary)
• Hotel or rented apartment Invoice (please write the name of the owner or responsible authority on the invoice; the invoice should designate that it is for single use and include the dates of stay. The maximum amount offered for stay per night is 120 euro).
• Tickets from train, bus, metro or even taxi

It is important to submit all documents in English. In the case that this is not possible, add comments onto the invoice in English, clarifying important information such as: purpose, name of the person responsible, amount of money, dates etc.

Financial Aid for Particiants with Special Needs


In case the Participant is a person with special needs, he/she can request additional grant to cover extra mobility costs resulting from moving abroad, as described in his / her application and detailed economic assessment, and if not covered by the grant received under the Agreement or from other national sources.  The additional special grant, which represents part of that stipulated amount, intends to cover part of the costs described in the application lodged for this purpose, The Participant has to provide detailed economic assessment of additional needs. The reimbursement of costs incurred in connection with special needs, when applicable, shall be based on the supporting official documents provided by public authorities (e.g. public hospitals).

Staff Application Special Needs

Students Application Special Needs

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