To better meet the needs and the proper operation of its services, the Educational Computing Infrastructure Center has the following equipment:


  • Four Intel Dual P-IV Xeon Servers, used for the essential services of the Computer Center.
  • Two Intel Dual P-III and two Intel Dual P-II Servers used for auxiliary services of the Computer Center and for managing the main servers.
  • Two storage systems Adaptec Durastor and EXP 300 with RAID-5 architecture, for the storage of user’s personal data and e-mails.


  • 142 Intel P-IV workstations located in four classrooms of the Computer Center, for use by academic community members and for carrying out laboratory courses.

Other Devices

  • 4 laser printers, black-white, two-sided printing, A4 and A3 sizes:
    • 2 HP-9000 models
    • 1 HP-8150 model
    • 1 HP-9050 model
  • 2 HP-3700 color laser printers.
  • 2 Epson GT 15000 scanners.
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