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VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables those connected to the Internet via alternative ISPs, to access in a secure manner the network backbone of the University. The remote PC may obtain an IP address from TUC, routing the network traffic through the new communication channel. Therefore, users may access data and services available exclusively to TUC members like sending e-mail to all_users list, downloading articles from the Library, bypassing the central firewall etc.  In addition, secure remote access to TUC’s network facilities is provided even if the alternative ISP’s network has security flaws.

Whom it may concern?

Members of the academic community who are located outside the campus, have an Internet connection and want to access TUC services.

How may I get access?

In order to use VPN service you need:

  • Install VPN Client software

Installation Instructions

VPN Software

VPN Client Software, according to  the OS you use

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