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Student Fares

All students are entitled to a discount when travelling by public transportation means (buses, trains, ferries etc) in mainland Greece. The discount is valid all through the academic year by demonstration of the Student Identification (ID) Card.

Student Id Card 

The Student Id Card is issued by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs according to a web-based registration procedure upon matriculation. The Student ID Card is strictly personal for its beneficiary. Holders of an academic title who have enrolled for a second degree are not entitled to this discount. In case of loss, steal or damage of the card, a new one can be issued after the declaration to the:
Student Affairs Center | Tel. 28210 37279 | e-mail: kef<at>isc.tuc.gr

The discount on fares is interrupted when its beneficiary becomes enlisted in the army and for the duration of his enlistment or when the beneficiary suspends his/her studies, graduates, loses his/her student status or exceeds the maximum duration of studies.

Transportation by bus 

The Technical University of Crete concludes a special agreement with the local city bus association every year for the transportation of students, teaching and research staff members as well as administrative staff members by bus, to and from the University campus. Another aspect of the agreement between the University and the city bus association is the increase of the frequency of the bus service in rush hours in order to better serve the needs of the students travelling to and from the University Campus.

In addition, all students may buy a monthly bus card, and renew it every month. This card is valid for endless journeys from and to the University Campus. Students may buy the monthly card from:

KTEL (local bus company) office | Kriari Street No 40, 4th floor 
by showing their Student ID card and handing in a passport size photo. 


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