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The city of Chania, the second largest city of Crete with a population of approximately 70.000 inhabitants, lies on the northwest coastline of Crete between the Aegean Sea and the slopes of the White Mountains. It is one of the most picturesque and beautiful cities on Crete. The magnificent site, the lively old Venetian port, the remnants of history, the busy marketplace, the interesting museums and the wonderful beaches make up the city's profile, which manages to maintain its Cretan tradition in harmony with economic growth and progress. The city (known as Kydonia in ancient times) was inhabited as early as Neolithic times; it flourished during the Age of the Minoan Civilization and was one of the principal cities of Crete. The city suffered Arab, Venetian and Turkish occupation. In 1913, following a revolutionary movement led by EIeftherios VenizeIos in Hania, Crete was politically unified with Greece and the Greek flag was raised for the first time at the Firkas Venetian Castle.

Cultural influences and traces of these historic periods remain both in the city and in the surrounding areas boasting a rich architectural heritage (Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman, and Neoclassic). The lighthouse and the mosque at the Old Venetian port, the traditional houses in the neighbourhoods of the old town and the archaeological museum attract the interest of tourists. The Public Market, the Clock Tower and the House of the Prefecture are the most prominent features of the city centre. In the area of HaIepa, the building of the former French School, which today houses the Department of Architectural Engineering, the house of Eleftherios VenizeIos, the old palace of Prince George and the church of Saint Magdalene are worth visiting. The Memorial of Eleftherios and Sophocles Venizelos in the area of Akrotiri offers the best view of Hania and the most idyllic sunset. The heart of the city, however, beats at the Koum-Kapi Quay, where people gather to have coffee and meet their friends at the cafeterias at the sea front.


Useful Links

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Useful Addresses

AddressPhone numberURL
Fire Brigade199
General Hospital of ChaniaMournies28210 22000www.chaniahospital.gr
Police Headquarters23, Irakliou Avenue28210 28744
Airport of Chania                        Mouzouras28210 83800, 83805  
Olympic Airlines


801 114 444                          

88,Tzanakaki str. 28210 53760-2                      
Airport office28210 66088
Aegean Airlines801 112 0000 /210 6261000


Airport office28210 63366, 63448-9

Port Authority of Hania21, Akti Tombazi28210 98888
Port Authority of SoudaSouda28210 89240
ANEK LinesSophocles Venizelos Sq.28210 27500-4, 80050www.anek.gr
Urban bus station KTEL28210 93345www.chaniabus.gr
Suburban bus station KTELKydonias & Partheniou Kelaidi str.28210 93052, 93306www.bus-service-crete-ktel.com
Post Office10, Anapafseos str.                     28210 76136          
10, Peridou str.28210 28444
Prefecture of Hania1, Eleftherias Sq.28213 40100www.chania.eu
Municipality of Chania29, Kydonias str. 28213 41600www.chania.gr
Municipality of AkrotiriPithari, Akrotiri28210 69800www.dimosakrotiriou.gr
Citizens' Centre KEP1, Eleftherias Sq. 28210 23302www.kep.gov.gr
Citizens' Centre KEP29, Kydonias str. 28213 41800www.kep.gov.gr
Citizens' Centre KEP                 Kounoupidiana28210 69946


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