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Gold Medal Award Ceremony

The Technical University of Crete has conferred the Gold Medal Award to the following distinguished personalities:

04.06.2016, Mikis Theodorakis, world famous Greek songwriter and composer from Chania.

01.08.2014, Konstantinos Mitsotakis, former Prime Minister of Greece and Honorary President of New Democracy party.
As an acknowledgment of his significant contribution to the establishment and development of the Technical University of Crete.

04.09.2012, His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

27.02.2009, His Holiness the Archibishop of Crete Irineos.

08.12.2006, Ioannis Tegopoulos, Honorary Professor of the National Technical University of Athens and first President of the Executive Committee of the Technical University of Crete.

20.04.2004, Constantinos Stamatakis and Manolis Velivassakis, for their contribution in creating the Park for the Preservation of Flora and Fauna of  TUC.

14.11.2001, Minos Zombanakis, world famous economist from Chania.

22.07.2000, George Psychountakis, a hero of the Cretan Resistance during II World War and world famous author and translator of Homer.

29.01.1996, His Holiness the Archibishop of Kissamos & Selino Irineos, for outstanding contribution to the people of Chania.

25.10.1995, Andreas and Sophia Fytrakis, TUC donors.

27.02.1995, Ekaterini Kelaidis and Maria Papadopetros, TUC donors.

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