Staff Mobility for Teaching & Training

Erasmus+ provides mobility opportunities for both teaching and administrative staff of higher education institutions.

In the case of teaching assignments between higher education institutions in Programme Countries, both institutions have to be holders of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) and must have signed an inter-institutional agreement. Please visit the following link to check whether your institution has signed an agreement with one of TUC Schools.

TUC, as the partner higher education institution must have agreed on the programme of activities to be undertaken by the visiting teaching staff (Staff Mobility Agreement for Teaching) prior to the start of the mobility period. In all cases, the activities of staff undertaking a teaching assignment should be integrated into the curriculum of TUC.

According to regulations, lectures should cover at least 8 teaching hours  in two consecutive days for the minimum period of stay. Mobility periods can only be schedulled during the lecture periods of the academic year. Please check our academic calendar before you schedule your visit.

In the case of staff training periods, an inter-institutional agreement is not necessary.

The Technical University of Crete welcomes staff from partner universities for mobility periods of teaching and / or training within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. 

Applications for both types of mobility must be addressed to TUC Erasmus+ Office.

TUC cannot accommodate long teaching / training mobility periods, so usually a 5-day long mobility is suggested.

Therefore, if you are interested in concluding a 5-day long teaching / training mobility, you may submit your CV and the content of your suggested teaching programme to TUC Erasmus+ Office at erasmus<at> Then, our Office will contact the respective Departmental Coordinator of the School that has signed the agreement with your university. The ensuing Staff Mobility Agreement for Teaching or Staff Mobility Agreement for Training should be signed by all parties involved to formalize the moblility agreement reached concerning the content of the suggested teaching / training programme at TUC.


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